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28 plus years we have created and escorted countless tours.

 From the  far East P.E.I to the West 

 South to Florida 

South Carolina to San Francisco  Maine to California

We have taken our tours from the Atlantic to the Pacific to the Gulf of Mexico

We have met countless people on our coaches, we have had more funny things happen that one can count, many touching moments, we have lost all to many wonderful people, but you have all left a mark on us. 

As each year approached  we have wondered many times if it was time to stop, had we done it all, had we taken you to all the places possible, had we made each tour the best that we could do.

We now know that we have many more new and exciting tours in us and have embarked on our new adventure starting 2019 with a new regenerated  outlook.

We have some awesome tours lined up for 2019 and 2020- do not  sit back and wait for tomorrow jump on today it 's the day that we know we have.

Photos from our Mystery Tour

Sorry for the delay in getting them posted -- thanks to all that a joined this tour it truly was a joy  with so many laughs and good times.

Good Times