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March 20-21, 2023

September 25-26

Join us on the 1st. of what will be several trips that we will put together to

South Beach Casino Resort

Visit South Beach Website

Rates and Promotion from South Beach Resort

Single Occupancy 


You receive from Casino

$20 day 1

$20  day 2

Food Coupon

50% of Lunch day 1

50% of Lunch day 2

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Double Occ‚Äčupancy


Per Person

You receive from Casino

Each Person in Room will Receive

$20 day 1

$20 day 2

Food Coupon

50% of Lunch day 1

50% of Lunch day 2

Book Now

Arrival Time at Casino


Check Out Time from Hotel

 11am put luggage into room

Bus Departure from Hotel , Load luggage at 2:30pm Bus departs at 3pm

Pick up locations offered if required 

Unicity Canadian Tire

Ste. Annes & Fermor

IGA Jefferson & Main

Henderson & McLeod

Group locations are welcome

Request more information

Terms and Conditions:

Payment for trip must be paid at time of booking or received 7 days from booking if mailing cheque

We only accept Cheques or E-transfers for payment type

or Cash if you are on a Day Trip  and book at that time,                                        receipt will be e-mailed to you

Trips  are  non-refundable

Mailing address for cheques: 

434-25 Ivybridge Gate Winnipeg, Mb. R3W 0L5

E-transfer is:

[email protected]


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