2020 Day trip dates

January 28

February 24 sold out

February 26

March 30

April 20, 29

May 25

South Beach   South Side Winnipeg

Rate $25  or Group rate 15 or more is $ 22 

Group leaders travel FREE

Receive a FREE Buffet lunch

Pick - up location for Winnipeg South Side:

Fermor & St. Anne’s by Salisbury Restaurant @ 9:30

Most of these date a pick up at 329 St. Anne's @ 9:15

Pick location also available these dates:

20 Cal Gardner Prairie Landing Apartment Building. 9:45am

As well any blocks/apartments in Winnipeg are WELCOME, give us a call to discuss.

PICK UP AT BLOCKS, Condos, Churches, Etc. for as few a 8 passengers anywhere Winnipeg, some areas require larger numbers for pick up.

Give us call for more information.

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