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 Day trip dates

 March 12 sold out 

March  31

April 21

May 6

Warroad Casino Day Trips

They offer a great day package, see below.

You will receive:

$25 free play and $10 food voucher.

Plus; if you received a newsletter from Warroad you may use the free play within the corresponding dates, but not the food voucher because everyone is allowed one food voucher a day.

The exchange promotion is the same every day.

Everyone can participate in the daily promotions, The bounce back and the exchange promotion.

Plus: Earn 50 points on your card and you will be able to exchange $100, Canadian for the rate at time example only (rate may differ and vary we are giving you the rate at time of this update it is your responsibility if you want exact value on this at time of your trip)

You can do this up to 5 times for each 50 pts. you earn that day up to $500. maximum.

Become a group leader let us come to your location and pick your groups up at the block etc. 

Warroad Pick Up Times

Tim Horton's Henderson & McLeod ----7:15am

IGA Jefferson & Main -------------------7:30am

Holiday In Portage & Colony -----------7:40am

St Anne's & Fermor at Salibury Restaurant --8:00am

2155 Pembina Highway (by Safeway)---- 8:15am

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